Nursing Mothers Advisory Group

Nursing Mothers Advisory Group

The Charge of the Nursing Mothers Policy Advisory Group is to define parameters and standards in which the University of Miami will implement the policy. All nursing mothers need to be accommodated (faculty, staff, administrators, students-undergraduate, graduate, medical students, residents) on all University of Miami campuses and hospitals. Creating access is very important. This group will work on the overall plan.


• Lisa Babbs, Director of Strategic Planning

• Ailicec “Lisi” Carreno, Director Human Resources-Coral Gables Campus

• Errol Douglas, UMH Human Resources

• Richard Iacino, Chief of Staff to Dean Goldschmidt

• Dr. Sheri Keitz, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

• Susan Leyes, Executive Assistant Human Resources-Medical Campus

• Dr. Hilit Mechaber, Associate Professor of Clinical

• Chris Morris, Associate Vice President Communication

• Gilma Sznurkowski, Director, Business Operations

• Rachelle Tanega, Manager Equality Administration

• Nanette Vega, Executive Director for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs-Medical Campus

Nursing Mothers Policy Partners 2011

• South Florida Hospital and Health Care Association (SFHHA) Contact: Joyita Garg

• University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Contact: Nanette Vega

• University of Miami Coral Gables Campus Contact: Lisi Carreno

• University of Miami Hospital (UMH): Contact: Errol Douglas (Anthony Degina CEO)

• University of Miami Hospital Clinic/Sylvester Cancer Center: Contact: Richard Ballard CEO

• Bascom Palmer Eye Institute: Contact: Michael Gittelman CEO

• University of Miami RSMS: Contact Cassandra Wiggins

• Veterans Affairs Medical Center: Contact

• Jackson Memorial Hospital: Contact

Satellite Offices:

• Kendall Medical Center: Contact

• Deerfield Beach Sylvester Cancer Center: Contact

• Palm Beach Bascom Palmer: Contact Anthony Garand

• Palm Beach Medical Center: Contact Billie Price

• Plantation Bascom Palmer: Contact Hermine Seide

• Naples Bascom Palmer: Contact Marcela Hickey