Administration : Dr. Adrian Reynolds

Dr. Adrian Reynolds

Dr. Adrian Reynolds has recently been appointed Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Medicine. In this role, he will work with the Division of General Internal Medicine, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Office of Student Services as a non-physician medical educator with a specific focus on faculty development, curriculum development, and academic enhancement.

As a teacher educator, educational researcher, teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, and teacher of English as a second language, Dr. Reynolds has worked with faculty and students of diverse backgrounds (including underrepresented minorities) in K-12, college, and graduate school settings. In the School of Teaching and Learning’s MEd program at The Ohio State University, he mentored and supervised foreign language student teachers, providing formative feedback and summative evaluations of their teaching in K-12 classrooms.

Over the years, Dr. Reynolds’ teaching experiences have informed his research interests which are driven by a sociocultural approach to learning and development. Broadly speaking, he draws upon cultural-historical activity theory to study learning and teaching as change processes mediated by concepts, practical activities, goals, and motives in communities of practice. Dr. Reynolds intends to further advance this line of research in the field of medical education, and looks forward to collaborating with researchers of similar interests.

Office Number: (305) 243-7156